$59.99 USD

THE Bundle + BONUSES (All Programs)

Achieving your goals alone is not always easy, but hiring a 1:1 coach is sometimes not an option. That’s why I’ve created Self-Paced Coaching Programs for a variety of health, wellness, and fitness goals! 


With this bundle, you’ll get immediate access to:

  • The Supreme Gut Program
  • The Starting Fat Loss Program
  • The Metabolic Reboot Program
  • The Menopause Power Program
  • The Lean Muscle Program
  • The Final Fat Loss Program
  • The Body Nourish Program
  • The Habit Transformation Program (with 11 different habit focuses!)
  • BONUS: 3 “No Gym” Workouts!
  • BONUS: Self-care checklist, Meal Planner, Habit Starter Kit, and Progress Diary!