This 28-day, step-by-step online program is designed to TRANSFORM the bodies & minds of men and women 35+ as you master your metabolism to live a life of abundant health & happiness.

This course offers a transformation framework to achieve your health & fitness goals, DIET & RESTRICTION FREE, with tips, video lessons, supporting resources, optional meal plans, a complete workout program, weekly ZOOM Q&As, & individualized, weekly check-in forms for customized feedback that will transform your body & mind and create the healthiest version of YOU.

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Stop Dieting if You Want to Transform Your Body for Good!

This course is for you, if:

You want to stop the endless dieting cycle & being so food-focused, &  LOOK & FEEL your best without sacrificing your health, sanity, or lifestyle

You've spent so much money trying diet after diet (Keto, low carb, WW, JC, Whole 30, juice cleanses, etc.) out of desperation to lose weight

You're tired of eating tiny amounts of food & restricting yourself to make some weight loss progress, all while feeling like sh%t

You want the freedom to eat what you want, & a healthy relationship with food & your body now & forever

You want to be able to have a piece of cake, a couple glasses of wine, some french fries, without feeling like you've derailed your progress

You want to make fat loss progress, but also want to enjoy weekends, social events, holidays, summer BBQs, & vacations (aka normal life)

Imagine If You Could:

Transform your body & mind, & look & feel healthier than you ever have by changing your relationship with food

Have the freedom to eat what you want without feeling guilty OR derailing your progress

Enjoy weekend, social activities, BBQs, vacations, & special events without stressing about food or your diet

Regain your self-confidenceenergy, & motivation, sleep better, & improve your hair, skin, & nails

Get rid of the focus & anxiety around food by making your metabolism work for you, not against you

Have the toolsresources, & support to stop chronic dieting & finally adopt a healthy lifestyle

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Hi Friend! My Name Is Andrea...

Over the years, I've learned a groundbreaking lesson: I didn't need to chronically diet, restrict foods, & obliterate my metabolism in the process to lose weight. I had never even thought about my metabolism before. But when I started making a series of changes to better my health & state of mind, my metabolism began to work for me rather than against me, & I was able to achieve my goal weight without "dieting" 🤯 🙌🏼. It was then my whole outlook on weight management completely changed, & so did the way I looked AND felt. 

As a 42-year-old woman, I've literally tried every diet under the sun, & I've spent years of my life doing a ton of cardio to work off the calories I ate. I've been in extreme calorie deficits where I had no energy, libido, or happiness, & I've restricted myself from all carbs & entire food groups to be "skinny". EVERY time, because the diet was so aggressive and unsustainable, I gained the weight back and then some. Can you relate?

Even today, as a physique competitor (a little hobby I decided to pick up at age 40 😊), to prepare for a show, I deliberately break down my metabolism to an unhealthy state to get "stage lean." But the difference is now I have a proven transformation framework to rebuild afterward, making me healthy, happy, & thrive again.

Now, with all the education & experience, I've learned to create a life of abundant health without dieting. I've unlocked the secrets to a thriving metabolism, enjoying my favorite foods (🍟 & 🍷, YES please!) & spending less time on the treadmill.

My goal is to wake up every day looking & feeling my best. Let me help you achieve the same incredible transformation! We are stronger together!

I can't wait to witness how these 28 days will be completely & utterly life-changing for you.

I look forward to meeting you personally in the Metabolism Masterclass!

ALL my best,


By the end of this program, you will learn:


How to boost your metabolism effortlessly to shed excess body fat or maintain your weight, no strict diets or extreme calorie deficits required

How to balance your meals for your personal goals & lifestyle

How to put yourself into 'fat burning mode' & how to 'tone up' & what those things really mean

How to exercise for your specific goals (& it's probably less than you expect!)

How to re-calibrate your hunger cues and cravings, rebuilding trust in your body & mind

How to stay on track without deprivation on weekends, holidays, vacations, & special occasions

How to measure progress beyond the scale, calorie tracking, or weighing your food

The impact of lifestyle factors (outside of diet & fitness) on your metabolism & how to tap into best practices

How to make these changes without feeling consumed or sacrificing your freedom

And how to master this new lifestyle for years to come

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Lifetime access to a step-by-step 28-day transformation program focused on topics such as fat loss, boosting metabolism & how it affects weight loss, balancing your plate, emotional eating, lifestyle & longevity practices, how to enjoy all foods, all things fitness, & more

Video lessons, tips, & tutorials to provide ongoing support throughout your transformation journey

Each week will be an implementation phase, where you can put the framework into action & start seeing quick results!

Weekly video Q&A/check-ins to help your progress and answer any questions you may have

Supportive material, like worksheets, cheat sheets, (optional) meal plans & a complete workout guide to help you set goals, develop new habits, & stay on track

Recommended supplements & meal preparation kitchen tools

Weekly check-in forms for customized feedback on how your week progressed (Optional)

BONUS: Get my 12-month Health & Planner to make tracking your transformation & progress seamless

BONUS: Alcohol, dining out tips, & a food-swap guide to making social events a breeze!

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