Welcome to Behind the Body!

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to Behind the Body, a podcast for women by women!

In this episode, Anna and Andrea introduce themselves and their intention behind this podcast: to connect with women of all ages and have open and honest talks about health, fitness, and lifestyle. Being your best self in family, relationships, career, social events, and life, in general, is a monumental task. Trying to stay active and eat healthy on top of it sometimes sounds impossible, no matter how badly we want it. We get it; we're just like you! We're here to lay it all out - the good, bad, and ugly about this reality of being a woman, and to share tips and experiences that can hopefully bring you some perspective and motivation, but definitely to ensure you're not alone. 

Keep tuning in to the following episodes. This podcasting thing is a little strange initially, but we promise to get better and make it worth your time. :)