Breaking Free: Overcoming BDD and Embracing Self-acceptance

Episode #10

If you're feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of comparing yourself to others and constantly seeking validation, only to feel even more inadequate and insecure, you are not alone! Despite all your efforts to achieve self-acceptance and peace with your body, you may find that the more you try, the worse you feel. The constant striving for perfection and the relentless self-criticism may intensify your pain rather than bring you the relief and happiness you desire.

In this episode, we will:

  • Understand the complexities of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and its key symptoms.

  • Explore the profound impact social media has on body image and self-esteem.

  • Discover the crucial role of self-acceptance and self-love in our daily lives.

  • Evaluate the influence of cosmetic procedures and filters in tackling our insecurities.

  • Realize the potency of a positive mindset and thinking in personal wellness.


The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:03 - Introduction

00:01:30 - Importance of Information and Self-Awareness

00:03:09 - Self-acceptance and Support

00:04:59 - Definition and Symptoms of BDD

00:10:06 - Personal Experiences with BDD

00:16:32 - Embracing Beauty and Self-Confidence

00:19:28 - Overcoming Insecurities and Filters

00:21:43 - Chasing an Ideal Self

00:25:57 - Supporting and Checking Each Other

00:32:25 - The Impact of Social Media Comparison

00:35:24 - Editing Photos and Body Dysmorphic Disorder

00:39:20 - Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

00:41:21 - Making SelfImprovements and Building Confidence

00:48:18 - Building Confidence and Flipping the Narrative

00:49:19 - Controlling Your Mind and Taking Action

00:50:29 - Finding Confidence in Effort and Actions

00:52:06 - Taking Small Steps and Asking for Help

00:53:35 - The Power of Therapy and Support

Do you think you could have Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)? Take this screening questionnaire by the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation to tell whether you might have BDD and/or as a measure of the severity of your symptoms.

BDD Questionnaire


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