Behind the Body

Behind the Body

Hosted by: Andrea Cutuk and Anna Daltro

Welcome to Behind The Body, the podcast that's like having a personal health and fitness coach, two hilarious (at least they think so) BFFs, and a supportive community all rolled into one. Hosted by Andrea and Anna,...


From Eating Disorder to Inspiration: Karen's Amazing Fitness Transformation

Season #1 Episode #9

In a world obsessed with physical perfection, Karencita's journey to health and happiness started with an eating disorder and a desire to be thinner. From battling the cultural pressure for physical beauty to the...
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The Key to Lasting Fat Loss: Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle

Season #1 Episode #8

Does this sound familiar? You've tried countless restrictive diets, meticulously counting calories and depriving yourself of your favorite foods, all hoping to achieve lasting fat loss. Yet, despite your efforts, the...
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From Doubt to Determination: Ida's Inspiring Path to Pursuing Personal Goals

Season #1 Episode #7

In today's episode, we have a truly inspiring guest, Ida. In a world where societal norms and cultural pressures try to hold her back, Ida found the strength to become a devoted advocate for personal growth and...
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Unveiling the Journey: The Realities of Bodybuilding and the Road to Success - Part 2

Season #1 Episode #6

Experience the challenges, sacrifices, and triumphs of bodybuilding as Andrea takes you on Part 2 of her journey to success, talking about where she is today in her competing journey and where she plans to go. From...
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Unveiling the Journey: The Realities of Bodybuilding and the Road to Success - Part 1

Season #1 Episode #5

Unleash the Iron Will: Join us as Andrea talks about her journey to compete in a bodybuilding show at the age of 40, pushing her body to the limit in pursuit of the perfect physique, defying the odds, and facing the...
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Achieve Your Summer Body Goals: The Simple Steps to Success

Season #1 Episode #4

Do you want to achieve a body transformation that will have you feeling confident and ready for summer? Are you ready to attain your weight loss and body composition goals? Look no further; we have the solution to...
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The Power of Faith: How a Belief in Something Bigger Can Fuel Your Road to Success

Season #1 Episode #3

Join us as Anna dives into her captivating journey of resilience and determination as the Brazilian native overcomes language barriers and cultural differences to pursue her dreams in the U.S. and the health and...
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Transform Your Life: Unleashing Confidence Through Fitness

Season #1 Episode #2

In the latest episode of Behind the Body, Andrea shares her empowering journey in health and fitness and how it has transformed her life. At age 13, Andrea stumbled upon an athletic group at school, unaware of the...
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Welcome to Behind the Body!

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to Behind the Body, a podcast for women by women! In this episode, Anna and Andrea introduce themselves and their intention behind this podcast: to connect with women of all ages and have open and honest talks...
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